Golden Visa Spain 2019, the opportunity for investors

If you are not Spanish or a member of the European Community, and you plan to invest in real estate in Spain, this is your great opportunity.

Today, as a real estate agency in Malaga, with extensive experience with foreign clients, we are going to talk about the Golden Visa … A visa that is granted to investors who want to buy a home. To live, or simply as an investment.

Here we go!

Golden Visa what is it

The Golden Visa in Spain, is a visa that is granted to non-EU investors. For investing 500 thousand euros or more in a property, or the sum of several.

The Golden Visa was legally approved in 2013. As an incentive to reactivate the economy and, especially, the activity in the real estate sector.

Golden Visa benefits

The benefits of obtaining the Golden Visa are many. Here we present its main advantages:

  • The process to acquire the Golden Visa is quite fast. With an organization exclusively dedicated to the subject. In general, the process is usually resolved within a period of no more than three weeks.

  • Residence in Spain is not compulsory. The only requirement is that, whoever applies for the visa, travel at least once, during the granted period.

  • The permit is granted directly for two years.

  • The visa allows you to work legally in Spanish territory.
  • The relatives of the investor are included in the residence permit. Partner, minor children and dependent children.

Golden Visa Spain requirements

To obtain the Golden Visa, it is vital that you meet the following requirements:

  • Be of age. That is, over 18 years old.

  • Do not find yourself in an irregular situation within spanish territory.
  • No criminal record for offenses contemplated by spanish law.
  • Proof of the respective certificates of ownership of the property acquired.

  • Pay the payment for the processing of the visa.

  • Possess a public insurance or private insurance authorized to practice in Spain.

  • Possess a sufficient purchasing power to cover your expenses and those of your family if it is the case

Where to apply for the Golden Visa

In the first place, you have to go to the spanish consulate corresponding to the country where you are as an applicant. Then, once the authorization is granted, you have a period of one month to go to Spain and apply for the residence permit directly in spanish territory.

We recommend people going to a real estate agency in Malaga where they trust. Since, by leaving the subject in the hands of specialists, the process will be facilitated and unnecessary complications avoided.