Neighborhoods of East Malaga, the most exclusive area of ​​Malaga

The neighborhoods of Málaga ESTE belong to the most exclusive area of ​​Malaga Capital. They limit to the west with the Historical Center of the city, to the south with the Mediterranean Sea, to the north with the Hills of Limonar and Cerrado de Calderon, and to the east with the town of el Palo and Lomas de San Antón. The combination of beaches, hills with paradisiacal views of the sea, strategic proximity, residential environment, and urban care in general, make this area the most exclusive, without doubt, of Malaga.

La Malagueta neighborhood

As we discussed in the previous post, the Malagueta is the best neighborhood in Malaga to live. It is the neighborhood of east Malaga closest to the Historic Center, it has the most famous beach of the capital and it receives the same name of the neighborhood, luxurious hotels and places to stay, fresh fish in any of its beach bars, and, As if that were not enough, a spectacular walk along Muelle Uno (prom, tapas, restaurants, shops, etc.).

If you are looking for apartaments in la Malagueta, contact a real estate agency in Malaga specialized in its EAST zone and that offers a professional and personalized treatment. La Malagueta is the neighborhood where we have more properties for sale in ESTE Real Estate.

El Limonar neighborhood

What most attracts the attention of Limonar is the peace of its hills with amazing sea views. The houses and apartamentes in Limonar are the most impressive in all of Malaga.

El Limonar is north of the Malagueta, and perhaps the main difference with this is the exclusivity that allows you to be in a space removed from the daily bustle. In addition to its intense natural green.

Cerrado de Calderón neighborhood

Cerrado de Calderón is at the same height, physical and of category, and to the east, of Limonar.

Until just over 20 years ago it was a completely natural area. For the same date, a real estate company operates the area and makes the neighborhood one of the most sought after in Malaga. Similar in characteristics to Limonar, only a little more removed from the city center. In it is the Cerrado de Calderon School: of great prestige at a regional level. And of course they can not miss luxury houses and apartaments in Cerrado de Calderon with panoramic sea views.

Pedregalejo neighborhood

Pedregalejo is famous for its history. The neighborhood is characterized by hosting some of the bourgeois families of the 19th and early 20th centuries in summer. Pedregalejo is also known for the presence of tourists and foreigners who come to learn Spanish. In addition to its small and cozy beaches, formed in the form of coves. And that they configure a nice walk of sea where to enjoy a calm afternoon to sit down to tapas with the family or friends. Without a doubt, living in Pedregalejo is another luxury within the neighborhoods of East Malaga.

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