Non exclusive agreement, discover everything you need to know

If you wonder what a non exclusive agreement in the real estate world specifically means, you have come to the right way. We are ESTE Real Estate Málaga, a real estate agency in Malaga with enough years of experience to help you get out of doubt regarding any type of contract in the real estate sector. Today we will talk specifically about the non exclusive agreement. So without further ado, let’s go to it!

¿What is a non exclusive agreement?

A non exclusive agreement is a private contract that is agreed and signed between a real estate agency and a seller. In which it establishes the right to the agency to sell the property of said seller and, in case of successfully consummate the commercial operation, obtain it’s respective fees for the service rendered. Now, what does it concretely mean that it is a “non-exclusive”? In this type of real estate contract, it is clear that the seller can also sell independently it’s own home, or, failing that, any other real estate agency without this entailing any legal sanction.

Are there other kind of real estate agreements?

As we wrote in a previous post, there is another type of real estate agreements. In this case, it would be an exclusive one. In which, unlike the non exclusive one, the seller grants full right to the real estate agency to sell the property with total exclusivity. Neither the seller nor another agency can sell the property. Of course, this type of contract is set for a specific period of time and in a manner agreed by both parties.

Which type of agreement is better?

As we already expressed in the previous post mentioned above, we are convinced that it is better to have an exclusive real estate agreement.

We explain you why.

As an agency, we are more motivated by those clients who place their full trust in our professional service. We invest all our resources (professional photographer, network of portals for publication, online advertising, etc.) to achieve the ultimate goal in this business. This, in addition, benefits the seller. If we put you on the other side, you will not benefit equally from an agency that handles a very large number of houses, with a model type without exclusivity, where they will never offer you a personalized service, and the height, to sell at the price most optimal, and in the shortest possible time, your property.

It is worth clarifying that this does not mean that we do not do professional work with the rest of the properties without exclusivity. We live by doing our work and we will do it well. But those houses that bet on our services and give us their trust logically will have preference.

How do you say sales order in spanish?

A common way of saying it in Spanish would be “Encargo de Venta Sin Exclusiva”.

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