Real estate contract exclusivity doubts and rescission

With the title contract exclusivity real estate doubts and rescission we hope we have captured your attention so that you can clear all your doubts about it. And it is clear that for those who have no experience in the real estate sector, and in general in the sector of the purchase and sale of real estate, the matter of contracts, which suits you best, etc., can be somewhat complex. So let’s go to the bone!

1.Is the real estate exclusivity contract legal?

The real estate exclusivity contract is legal. It is a written document where the details of the sale of a property are exposed. Signed by all parties involved (notary, seller and buyer). In the event of non-compliance by either party, said contract may be used as a legal recourse in a lawsuit to denounce the alleged non-compliance.

2.What is an exclusive property contract as such?

A real estate exclusivity contract is a legal document in which it is agreed that the real estate agency involved is the only one with legal exercise to sell the house. This contract has to be set within a period of time, which varies between 6 and 12 months.

3.Do you agree an exclusivity contract in Malaga?

An exclusive contract in Malaga is appropriate.

If you give your trust to some professionals in particular, they will invest all their resources, professional and financial, to sell your house. Or, at least, that is how we understand it.

In ESTE Real Estate, recommend an exclusivity contract, since we know the work of our real estate agency in Malaga, but not that of the others. That is, if we do not work exclusively, most of the time the sale of the house is delayed, and with this the value of the same is affected, because we do not have total control of the process.

4.Can an exclusive property contract in Malaga be canceled?

This is a topic that generates controversy and many questions, but the truth is very simple to clarify. As we have said before, a real estate exclusivity contract, by law, has to be fixed for a term. So the seller is not tied until the agency sells your property. At the end of the stipulated period, an exclusive real estate contract can be annulled in Malaga without any problem.

5.Of what consists a real estate exclusivity contract usually in Malaga?

-First of all, of course, the part where the seller agrees to sign an exclusivity contract with the real estate agency in Malaga.
-Then, it is important that the contract shows that the agency is committed to offering an exclusive service to promote the home in question. We talk about professional photographs, publication in portals, investment in digital advertising, etc.
-Likewise, the commission agreement reached between both parties must be reflected. To be transferred to the real estate when the sale is carried out.
-Very important also, the duration of the contract must be clearly specified. A contract without a stipulated period of duration, has no legal validity.

Finally, we would like to clarify that all this that we have explained from our experience as real estate professionals in Malaga, applies more or less the same in any other location.