Which real estate agency to choose, 7 tips to choose a good real estate in Malaga

Almost no one doubts that the act of buying or selling a house, nowadays, requires that you put yourself in the hands of professionals. Now, what real estate agency to choose. This is the question! We bring you 7 tips to make the best decision.

1.Start by choosing the real estate agency in Malaga that is closest to what you are looking for

There is a fairly common phrase that sums up this point: “He who embraces a lot, little squeezes”. We, ESTE Real Estate, we advice you to choose a real estate agency in Malaga that specializes in an area or several in specific. For example, we work in all the territory, but we specialize in the Center and the East Coast of the city. The most exclusive areas of Malaga!

2.Check if the agency has a digital presence

We live in a new era. Business that is not digitized, business that is doomed to disappear. So if you want your house for sale to be seen, or want to have quick access to a list of houses to buy, choose that agency that has a digital presence. In ESTE Real Estate, we have a professional in web positioning in charge of working exclusively to give Google visibility to all those properties that are in the hands of our agency.

3.Evaluate the facilities that it offers you

What real estate agency to choose, depends to a large extent on the capacity that this agency has to make your life simple in real estate management. So value that agency that makes it easy from the start. In our real estate agency in Malaga, in our real estate agency in Malaga, we accompany you since you have the first contact with us. Providing legal and administrative advice, financing options for buyers and valuation of the floor for sellers. And, above all, putting you at the center of our service.

4.It seems obvious, but professionalism is essential

Sometimes we let ourselves be enchanted by certain factors and we do not pay due attention to what is most important. Make sure there is professionalism. The agency has to have a deep knowledge and a long experience in the sector. Check the website, clarify all your doubts, contrast with other real estate. This Real Estate is constituted by a select group of professionals trained in multiple disciplines and with significant experience in the real estate sector.

5.You need a real estate agency in Malaga that gives you a personalized service

We are people and we like to be treated as such. We make you feel at home. In the office of ESTE Real Estate we do not collect numbers, nor do we put you in a waiting room. We understand that you have doubts. We listen to you as much as necessary. You will not be the first to end up being a friend after a negotiation with us.

6.It has to offer you realistic solutions

Run away from any real estate agency that intends to sell themself. We believe that trust begins with objectivity. In ESTE Real Estate we tell you the clear things from the beginning. We give you a balance of pros and cons. If we consider that something is not within our reach, we will make it clear to you.

7.Last but not least, it has to be a fully transparent real estate

A relationship of partners can only be lasting if the accounts are clear from the beginning. Starting from this premise, we give you access to everything you need to know during the entire property management process. We have nothing to hide. We focus on our work. Our only goal is that our customers are satisfied, and, in this way, they recommend us.