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What does real estate agency means


A real estate agency is an entity formed by a group of professionals specialized in buying and selling different types of real estate (depending on the characteristics of each agency). Its main function is to serve as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, in order to facilitate administrative, legal and commercial transactions between them.

We, ESTE Real Estate, somos a real estate agency specialized specialized in the purchase and sale of properties on the East Coast of Malaga Capital: the most exclusive area of ​​the city.


How much does a real estate agent charge for selling an apartment in Málaga

One of the first reasonable things that you wonder when you go to a real estate agency is how much does a real estate agent charge for selling an apartment in Malaga, real estate agency commission in Malaga varies between 3% and 8% depending on the area and the price of the house. In ESTE Real Estate we are governed by the needs of each vendor.

When the real estate comission is paid in Malaga


If you are wondering when the real estate commission is paid, the answer is very simple: at the same time a buyer formalizes the purchase of your house. The real estate commission per sale is included from the beginning in the sale price that is set for the property.


Real estate agency contracts in Malaga


There are two main types of real estate agency contracts in Malaga: exclusive and without exclusivity. The first is a private contract signed by the real estate agency and the seller where the right to the agency to sell the property is granted. Normally it is fixed for a period of 6 or 12 months. Among the advantages of reaching this type of agreement with us, is that your house will always have preference over the others. As a client, you can feel much freer to demand, ask us, since you are giving your trust in us and we value that. And the second is a private contract signed by the agency and the seller where you grant the right to the agency to sell your property, but without exclusivity, we are not the only ones.

We will always treat in a professional manner, and at the end it is our work and our business, all the properties we manage. Now, we advise the first type of contract more than the second, since we have control and experience about our work, but not about the others, and it often happens that certain homes take time to sell, and therefore lose their value , due to inconsistencies of data and management of other real estate agencies in Malaga.


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What real estate agency to choose in Malaga

At a time when the real estate business is firing again, the big question that can arise is which real estate agency to choose in Malaga. More and more real estate agents are in Malaga, a booming city, and this can be positive but often also negative. One of the main considerations that we believe you have to take to choose the one that best suits you, has to do with what you are looking for. There are small and large real estate agencies. The main difference is that the small agencies have a north, they specialize in a specific area and they know it very well. While the large tend to tend to encompass the more they can better, and this often degenerates in little depth in the knowledge of the areas, homes and customers. In our post, which real estate agency to choose in Malaga we treat this topic in more detail.


How to open a real estate agency in Malaga


If you want to open a real estate agency in Malaga, the first thing we advise you is that you create a business plan. Which is a written document with all the details related to the creation of the company you want to create. If this reinforces the viability of your project, you are ready to start. The next steps will be more bureaucratic. For example, review the municipal legislation of the area in which you are going to establish the business (get those licenses that apply in your case); It is worth noting that to open a real estate agency does not need any specific requirement (as it happens with a food business). We also recommend creating a good marketing strategy (off and online) and writing your respective plan.


How to manage a real estate agency in Malaga


The first thing that is needed to manage a real estate agency in Malaga is a professional who has experience in the sector. That has served as a commercial for years in the city. Second, that professional, have business management skills or, failing that, you should hire a qualified person to do so. It is important that such a person invests the most of his time, beyond his commercial tasks, to organize, evaluate and optimize the processes of the company.


Real estate agency expenses in Malaga


Real estate agency expenses in Malaga can be many and diverse, so we're going to show you the principals. To start with, there are the rental costs of the place, which will depend on the area where you are. Then, there are the personnel expenses (administrative, commercial if they are paid a fixed salary) and service providers (computer technician, photographer, designer, etc.). It is also necessary to cover the advertising expenses (investment in digital marketing mainly today).



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