How much does a real estate agent charge for selling an apartment in Malaga

This is a post that does not need subtitles or introductions. It is clear that the one who asks the question of how much a real estate agent charges for selling a flat in Malaga, wants a quick and direct response. So let’s go to it!

First, the real estate companies charge through a percentage commission on the sale of the property. The second, between 3% and 8%.

No more mysteries, this is what would usually charge any real estate in Malaga.

The exact figure depends on factors such as the location of the property in question, the price, among others. For example, for properties located in Malaga coast, a minimum of 5% is usually charged.

We, ESTE Real Estate, real estate agency in Malaga specializing in the East Coast, usually charge a 5% commission, always attending to the needs of each client.

We are convinced of the profitability for a client, taking into consideration the commission that we take, if you sell your property with us, instead of selling it independently. And it sells at the best price and at the best time, covering all the necessary administrative and legal aspects.

The business of a real estate agency works like any other. A reasonable profit is obtained for a team of professionals that only charges when the client obtains results. At the end, the many years of experience and implementation of knowledge in a complex sector are remunerated for those who do not master it in depth.