How to calculate cadastral value from the ibi

In a recent post from ESTE Real Estate Malaga, we talk about how to know how much I will pay for ibi in Malaga. This time, we are writing a new related article that may interest you: how to calculate the cadastral value from the ibi.

In the other post we talked about how to get the ibi and calculate it from the cadastral value, the latter was a fact that we did have. In this case, if what you have is the data that you pay for ibi, but not the cadastral value of your house, nothing happens. You can apply the same equation, but reversing the order of the factors.

In conclusion, and to define how to calculate the cadastral value from the ibi, you have to divide your annual ibi quota between 0.00451 (which is the 0.451% that is liquidated from the cadastral value).

Let’s take an example: suppose you pay 150 € of ibi quota per year. You would have to divide that amount, between 0.00451. Which would result in 33259.4235 €. This would be, finally, the cadastral value of your house calculated from the ibi.