How to describe a house in a professional way

The description of a house is a decisive factor in the sale process of the same. Therefore, it is very important to know the best copywriting practices (writing sales texts).

To describe a property, you have to understand that the emotional element is paramount. However, you have to use this knowledge in a subtle way, since you could fall into charlatanism, and lose the confidence of the potential buyer easily. It is important to include a call to action at the end of our description. We will show it to you in each specific case.

Now we will share with you 10 different types of situations to describe a house.

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Description of a property: Introduction

As we said at the beginning, to describe a house in a good way, you have to play intelligently with the emotion.

Writing the main characteristics of the house is a basic requirement to describe a property. However, it is very important to talk about the benefits that the potential buyer obtains if they will buy this property.

They are 2 different cases. In the first case the reason is appealed, while in the second case the emotion will be invoked. One thing is to mention that the property has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 terrace. And another thing is, to say that if you buy the house, you will be able to rest in a quiet area, you will enjoy the spaciousness and beauty of your new home, thanks to the good entry of natural light, etc.

Remember that you always have to end any description with a call to action. Calling the reader with a text to contact you or filling out a form, awakens the desire to act.

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Description of a property from the inside

To describe a property from the inside you have to focus on the main things: rooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen and so on. Then, highlight the most important details of each one. For example, the rooms are equipped with built-in wardrobes, complete and newly renovated bathrooms, a spacious and bright living room, etc. In the same way, if it will be a property in Malaga, for example, it can be ruled out if it has views of the sea from within.

The element of emotion has to try to apply to each case. Especially if the situation warrants it.

Description of a property from the outside

To describe a property from the outside you have to focus on elements such as the facade, if it has a garden, terrace, patio, etc.

Short description of a property

The short description of a house is a key point that is often overlooked. These descriptions are usually displayed on the page where all the properties for sale appear.

On this page, normally, a smaller space is provided to describe each property.

Normally nobody optimizes this description.

So it happens that the unconscious descriptions are only generated for the first characters of the original description itself and not chosen by you.

That’s creating a feeling of carelessness and incomplete information.

Description of a property in English

If the agency’s original language is Spanish and the description of a property is in English, a typical mistake is simply to copy and paste the text into the Google Translator.

It is true, that the Google Translate uses an increasingly advanced algorithm. Very similar to the translation by a human.

However, you always have to review the texts and edit parts that will not be understood correctly in the context. Or that they can be understood, but they will be better understood with other phrases.

Description of the living room of a house

The description of the living room in a house will depends on the characteristics of that room.

The important thing is to evaluate if the room has any benefits that can be highlighted. For example if the room has a parquet floor, if it is spacious, if it has a good ventilation, and so on.

Description of the kitchen of a house

In the case of the description of the kitchen, it will be used the same criteria like for the living room.

We must highlight the strengths of the kitchen. If it is equipped, if it is renovated, the types of furniture, etc.

Description of a small house

To describe a small house, or a studio, we return to the same thing. You have to seek to highlight the benefits that the potential buyer could obtain.

To make this task easier, you have to recreate the profile of that potential buyer. Person who wants to live alone, young person who is beginning to grow professionally, etc.

For example, that it is located in a privileged area, in a modern building, etc.

Description of an old house

At ESTE Real Estate, we have a lot of experience in this matter. Since we are a real estate agency our main influence is in La Malagueta. The most privileged area of Malaga, but at the same time one of the oldest.

Therefore, if you offer comprehensive reform services, the main advice we give you is that you create good reform projects through digital infographics.

In principle, you could show current images of the house, and begin the description by describing those images. Then you can offer a detailed description about the infographics. And also very important is, that you are highlighting the potential benefits of making a comprehensive reform investment.

Description of the ideal house

The description of an ideal house should be treated very carefully, because it is very easy to fall into charlatanism.

So to conclude, we would like to remind you of the two most important elements to describing a house correctly:

  1. Consider the technical characteristics and also the emotional benefits.
  2. Never forget to use a call to action. To animate the people to contact you for a visit or to get some more information.