How to know how much I will pay for ibi in Malaga

As real estate agency in Malaga, we know that the question of how to know how much I will pay for ibi in Malaga resonates in the head of many of our clients. Reason why we have decided to write an article as complete as possible to clear all kinds of doubts about this matter.The only mission of ESTE Real Estate is that you are totally satisfied with our work.

What is the ibi or property tax?

As its acronym indicates, ibi, is the real estate tax. Also known more informally as “the contribution”. It is a municipal tax, so the municipalities are responsible for its proper management.

When you have to pay the ibi?

The ibi has to be paid every year.

How it will be posible to know how much I will pay for ibi in Malaga?

For three years, from the date we are writing this article, at the end of 2018, the annual real estate tax in Malaga is 0.451% on the tax base.

Now, what is the taxable base? It is the amount on which the percentage will be applied.

And, what is the tax base? The taxable base is obtained from the exact amount of the property’s cadastral value. In exceptional cases, this could vary if rebates are applied, but now we do not need to go with it.

So how do I know how much I will pay for ibi in Malaga?

Let’s take an example: suppose that € 44,368 is the cadastral value of a house X. If we apply 0.451% to that amount, that is, 44,368 x 0.00451, we will pay € 200.10 of ibi per year.

What happens in the future?

Do not panic! If the figures change, either the percentage of the tax, or the cadastral value of the house, what will not change is the formula. Apply it and you will continue to have the ibi of your house updated.

Who pays the ibi?

In the case of purchase-sale of the property, the one that appears on the first day of the year as the owner of the same, is responsible for paying the real estate tax of that same year in question.