The best neighborhood in Malaga to live, 5 places that you can not miss

The answer to what is the best neighborhood in Malaga to live will depend to a great extent on what you are looking for personally. Now, we have taken a pretty good list of what we consider, by various factors, the best neighborhoods in Malaga. And where we are sure you will find the one that fills your expectations. Go for it!

La Malagueta

We, ESTE Real Estate, as real estate in Malaga specialized, and based on the opinion of our customers, and other factors that we will mention below, we believe that La Malagueta has the most variables to be the best neighborhood in Malaga to live.

First of all, it is located on the coast where the most famous beach in Malaga is located, and which, curiously, is called the same as the neighborhood we are talking about. Second, it connects with Muelle Uno, perhaps the most beautiful walking point surrounded by the sea, shops and restaurants in the city. Third, it is close to the Historic Center of Malaga. And finally, we can conclude by saying that you never miss a delicious dish of Mediterranean food in any of its chiringuitos on the beach.

It should be noted that due to all the aforementioned, it is the most expensive area of ​​the city to live. Obviously, this is something that does not make everyone feel great. But to those who can give themselves the opportunity, it provides them with full exclusivity. If you are one of these, look at our Apartaments in la Malagueta and you tell us if you need something.

El Limonar

El Limonar is located towards the northeast of la Malagueta and is, beyond any doubt, another privileged neighborhood to live in Malaga.

It is a very quiet neighborhood, with lots of green around it. They usually live, or spend the summer, people who seek to get away from the daily hustle and bustle. In the Limonar you can easily find the most impressive houses, and with stunning views of the sea, of the entire city.

La Malagueta and el Limonar are part of the Neighborhoods of East Malaga, the most exclusive area of the city.

Hitorical Center

As expected, like all Historical Center, that of the city of Malaga is not far behind: it is another good area of ​​Malaga to live. In fact, it is a compulsory area for visitors, and there is no weekend where locals do not go over there.

Plagued by historical places, museums, restaurants of all kinds, narrow streets, period buildings, shopping streets, squares with activities, among many other things … The Cathedral of Malaga, Calle Larios, Plaza de la Constitución and the Museo del Pimpi, are four of the most emblematic places of the Historic Center.

And of course, we can not not talk about the nightlife that takes place in the clubs and locals of the center, gathering all kinds of people who want to have fun.


Teatinos is considered the university neighborhood par excellence. And it is inside the University of Malaga, the most important in the city. For this same reason, you also find nightlife but with more presence of young students. At the same time, it is probably the most modern area in all of Málaga.

Paseo Marítimo de Oeste

Paseo Marítimo de Oeste, is a walk similar to the one of La Malagueta, but it is on the other side, in its western zone. This district stands out for its extensive coastline covered by a long and pleasant promenade, and its beaches. For lovers of the sea, this is an ideal area with much more affordable prices than in the east.

Also, if you only walk a little from the West Promenade to the inside of the city, you will find all kinds of shops or services … Supermarkets, hardware stores, museums, parks, squares, etc.

And, for you, what is the best neighborhood in Malaga to live?

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