The best neighborhood in Malaga to live, 5 places that you can not miss

The answer to which is the best neighborhood in Malaga to live will depend on what you are looking for personally. Now, we have drawn up a rather interesting list of what we consider, due to various factors, the best neighborhoods in Malaga, the most attractive in this beautiful Andalusian city. And where we are sure that you will have the one that meets your expectations. So go for it!

We must start by saying that Malaga has become one of the most attractive cities to live in. More and more real estate agencies are opening in Malaga to facilitate this entire process. But here we are going to talk to you, specifically, about the best neighborhoods in this unique city.

And some of the factors that we will use to judge this, are: location, price, services and shops, tranquility, entertainment, etc. So without further ado, let’s get started.

The Malagueta neighborhood

We, ESTE Real Estate, as an experienced realtor in the Malagueta, and based on the opinion of our clients, and other factors that we are going to mention below, we believe that the Malagueta brings together the greatest number of variables to be the best neighborhood in Malaga to living, it is the most attractive and most famous area of this city and it is valued as one of the best places on the Costa del Sol.

During the 19th century it was an industrial area, but today it is one of the best examples of urban development in this city.

In the first place, it is located on the coast where the most famous beach in Malaga is located, and which curiously is called the same as the neighborhood we are talking about. Second, it connects with Muelle Uno, perhaps the most beautiful and visited place for a walk surrounded by the sea, shops, restaurants and culture in the city. Third, its proximity to the Historic Center of Malaga. And finally, we can conclude by saying that there is never a lack of a delicious dish of Mediterranean food in any of its beach bars, and that this neighborhood has all the necessary comforts for your daily life.

You will find only a few apartments of new built in the zone of the Malagueta. And so that is why it’s very common to buy an apartment in La Malagueta and reform it according to your wishes and standards.

It should be noted that due to all the aforementioned, it is the most expensive area of the city. Obviously, this is something that does not favor everyone. But to those who can give themselves the opportunity, it provides full exclusivity and an extraordinary quality of life.

The Limonar neighborhood

The Limonar is located to the northeast of the Malagueta and is, without any doubt, another privileged neighborhood to live in Malaga.

This residential area is the most exclusive in the city and offers incomparable tranquility. Here you can easily find the most impressive houses, with stunning views of the sea across the city and lots of green around them. It is the best place for people looking to get away from the daily hustle and bustle.

At the end of the 19th century, the construction of luxurious residential villas began, an example of this extraordinary architecture is Villa Sweden, a true pearl full of history. Thanks to certain characters from the past such as Dr. Gálves Ginachero, Don Félix Sáenz or Don Francisco Bergamín, the Limonar became a bourgeois neighborhood, preserving that atmosphere to this day.

Apart from the many old villas, you can find beautiful single-family houses, surrounded by green areas. Many of these houses have their own gardens and swimming pools.

In this neighborhood you will find all the necessary facilities and numerous schools, making it a very appropriate neighborhood for families. Very close to the beach and also close to the historic center of Malaga.

La Malagueta and El Limonar are part of the best neighborhoods in Malaga ESTE, the most exclusive area of Malaga.

The Historical Center

As expected, like any Historic Center, the one in the city of Malaga is not far behind.

The historic center of Malaga has undergone a transformation and spectacular growth. Today it is one of the best areas to live and invest in Andalusia, where history meets modernity.

It is a must-see for its visitors. And there is no weekend where the locals don’t stop by.

Here you can find your home in a restored 19th century building, in a special environment, with narrow streets, hidden alleys, beautiful squares, gardens, period buildings full of history and a vibrant atmosphere.

Living in the center means being in the middle of a great activity, with many tourist attractions, surrounded by art, culture, museums and galleries. With a huge variety in stores, supermarkets, shopping centers and businesses of all kinds.

You will also find a very wide gastronomic wealth. From the typical Andalusian bars with their tapas to the high-class international restaurants.

And of course, we also have to talk about the nightlife that takes place in the clubs and bars in the center, bringing together all kinds of people wanting to have fun.

Malaga Cathedral, Marques de Larios Street, The Constitución Square and the Museum of Pimpi, are four of the most emblematic places in the Historic Center.

The public transport connections from the center are unbeatable, you will reach every point of the city, including the airport.

As you can see, here you will have all the facilities that will make your daily life comfortable and active.

Having an apartment in the historic center of Malaga, today, is a total privilege.


Teatinos is considered the university neighborhood par excellence. And it is inside the University of Malaga, the most important in the city. For this same reason, you also find nightlife but with more presence of young students. At the same time, it is probably the most modern area in all of Malaga. In short, another of the best neighborhoods to live in Malaga.

Paseo Marítimo Oeste-West Promenade

Among the best neighborhoods in Malaga, the Paseo Marítimo de Oeste, West Promenade area also stands out. This is a walk similar to the one of the Malagueta. But it is located on the other side of Malaga. In its western area. This neighborhood stands out for its extensive coastline covered by a long and pleasant promenade, and its beaches. For lovers of the sea, this is an ideal area. And with much more affordable prices than in the east. Despite the fact that the square meter has also been revalued in this sector.

Also, if you just walk a little from the Paseo Marítimo de Oeste into the city, you will find all kinds of shops or services … Supermarkets, hardware stores, museums, parks, squares, etc.

Buying in Málaga West is an excellent option thinking about the present and the near future.

And for you, what is the best neighborhood in Malaga to live?